CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness

Press:  1-1-1-1-1


4 rounds for time of:

Power Cleans, 10 reps

Ring Dips, 10 reps




 Great work by everyone who did the Overhead, Front and Back Squat workout Tuesday night.  The Top 6 were:

Matt:             185/375/425

Rich:             155/275/325

Devil Dog:      185/215/255

Bobby:          155/215/255

Troy:             135/185/255 

Brad:             135/190/225

Special mention goes to Devil Dog…the only athlete who performed the overhead squat with a weight over his own bodyweight.  Awesome!


 Unilateral Movements Make You Weak  By Tim Henriques for TNation.com    Unilateral movements or doing one-limb exercises don't necessarily make you weak, the premise of the article is that favoring unilateral movements over using bilateral movements (using two arms and/or using two legs) will not give you the size and strength of bilateral movements.  Of course the simple answer (and a natural one for the crossfitter) is do both unilateral and bilateral movements.  We believe using mainly bilateral with some unilateral mixed in is a good way to go.  An athlete that can press a over a hundred pounds with one hand is a strong athlete.   Henriques makes good points, but not enough to keep unilateral movements out of training.

Introducing The Schitzophonic  "In a recent post on his site, Frank Forencich (who I wrote about here), uses the term "schizophonic" to describe a person who always needs an iPod to work out, walk, drive…exist. Forencich makes the argument that this disconnection between what you're hearing and your environment can have some profound consequences and implications."–Andrew Heffernan, Male Pattern Fitness

Not only that, but how can you be coached if you're wearing an ipod?  Luckily all the athletes that we see wearing an ipod during workouts do everything perfectly and are beyond any sort of coaching.

Yeah, right.

Be Something  Craig Weller from Barefoot Fitness is wise beyond his years.  Reading his articles is good for your soul.



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