What Is Your Goal?

Weightloss & Toning

We all seek physical fitness for a variety of reasons.  For many it’s simply about being healthy and looking better.  Everyone wants to feel good about themselves.  CrossFit Suffolk is vastly experienced with improving the overall fitness of an individual as well as drastically changing their body composition.  That’s fancy way of saying we get our members to lose body fat and increase tone.  Want to look better in less clothing?  No problem.  Want to look better for an upcoming wedding or reunion?  We got you!  Do you see too much “arm-jiggling” when you brush your teeth?  We understand and can help!

Athletic Performance

Enhancing athletic performance is one of the best reasons to train at CrossFit Suffolk.  Our staff consists of trainers who compete in a wide variety of sports and we are experienced in providing the the type of strength and conditioning any athlete needs to improve their game.  We have athletes who compete regularly in “the sport of fitness”, team sports and combat sports.  CrossFit Suffolk has provided the strength and conditioning training for some of the top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors on Long Island.

Strength and Muscle Gain

Weakness is not in your DNA and not your destiny.  We are uniquely qualified to get you stronger and increase your lean muscle mass.  Whether your personal goal is looking and feeling better, increasing your functional strength for life or improving your athletic performance for a sport, the best way to go about it is to get stronger.  One of our goals is to increase each of our member’s strength and lean muscle through consistency in training and we have been extremely successful.

55 & Over

We get it.  The owners of CrossFit Suffolk are in their 50’s so we get it.  Doing CrossFit when your 55 and older is not the same as doing it in your 20s or 30s.  Your recovery process and ability is different.  We are uniquely qualified and experienced to modify or scale the workouts according to your level of ability, level of fitness, ability to recover properly and physical limitations you may have.  Increasing your level of fitness in a safe way that won’t interfere with the rest of your daily activity, in a supportive environment,  is what we provide.

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