Tuesday October 15th 2013 CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


Tuesday October 15th 2013 CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

Workout of the Day
15 minutes of kettlebell Clean and Jerk Practice
Work one arm at a time. Clean from the “swing”, not from the ground.


For time:

45 T2B


3 rounds of:

15 Deadlifts 185/135#
15 Back Squats 185/135#

Notes: Use one bar for this workout, and racks may NOT be used. The bar must be take from the ground and placed in the back rack to perform Back Squats.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


Corryn and Angelo






Strongman Profile: Alexander Zass Teaches Us About Isometrics      “The secret of all improvement in feats like this is gradual progress from one stage to another, the severity of the test only being increased by degrees that are hardly noticeable.” I’ve seen it all too often (and also done it myself). Too many people seek improvement too quickly and actually stunt their gains. Small, gradual progression may seem to take longer but gives better results in the long run.”—Logan Christopher for Breaking Muscle

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