SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                       CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


Four rounds for time of:
7 Muscle-ups
225 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
Walking Lunge, 30 steps




The below three articles appear in main stream media outlets or, in the case of the sleep-related article, a government agency report.  Interesting!  Perhaps the word about "Paleo" or "primal" living, eating, sleeping and working out, is becoming, well, "mainstream".  This is a good thing.  The Paleo/Primal "movement" seems to be gaining momentum.   It's been 9 years since Loren Cordain's The Paleo Diet was published.  If you enter "the paleo diet" in Google there is 655,000 hits in .07 seconds!  "Paleo" has come a long way.

There's plenty of information available regarding the paleo diet, what it is, why it is and what to eat.  This brings us to our next topic–inspired by Robb Wolf's book, The Paleo Solution, we'll be starting the 30 DAY PALEO CHALLENGE ON MARCH 15.  This gives you a week to prepare.  Clear your cupboards and fridge of undesireable food.  Shop for food that fits the paleo guideline.  Prepare your mind to eat the food that will improve your performance and health.

We will spend the rest of the week posting excellent resources to facilitate making the 30 Day Challenge a worthwhile experience.  We will list the rules as well.  Some of our athletes have started the Challenge already.  Some are into their second month.  All have reported positive results!—–George—-

Once A Villain, Coconut Oil Charms The Health Food World

Meet The Caveman Dieters…Inside The World Of Paleo Diets And Caveman Work-outs 

Unhealthy Sleep Related Behaviors—12 States, 2009



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  1. Caryn

    Great! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s Paleo results! I have been eating pretty well for the last seven months, and have been full paleo for just one week. I have been an overweight, candy loving, carb loving, junk food junkie most of my life. Between crossfit and this diet I have changed not only the way I look and think about food, but living life in general. It’s a lot easier when you feel energetic and well! I was an athlete my entire life, but have never put the two togteher (diet and excercise) until recently. Most people think we are crazy and that “no one should ever just completely eliminate an entire food group” but if you do the challenge – I am sure you will also want to post about just how wrong most people are! It is not easy at first, but so worth it! I still have a long way to go as far as getting in good shape, but instead of dreading losing weight and ‘dieting’ as I have in the past, I’m looking forward to feeling good, being healthy, and enjoying my family around the dinner table with some great, ‘clean’, healthy food.
    For those of you thinking about trying the 30 day challenge, do that google search George mentioned – there are thousands of blogs out there based on Paleo living – most including great recipes. I also agree that Robb Wolf’s book is excellent.
    *No, George and Lisa did not pay me to write this! I’m shocked I put it all out there myself! 🙂

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