12 minutes to establish a 1rm Press

7 rounds for time of:
10 Wall Ball 20/14lbs
10 Pullups

Notes: 10 minute time limit.

Training On An Empty Stomach   "In addition to improving your long-term health, your athletic
performance and body composition can be greatly improved with proper
pre- and post-workout nutrition. In a study published in Medicine &
Science in Sports & Exercise, researchers found that subjects who
consumed a protein shake before and after resistance exercise
experienced greater gains in lean body mass and increased 1RM strength
over those who did not [2]. Another recently published study found that
consumption of whey protein before heavy resistance training actually
resulted in an increase in resting energy expenditure the day after
training [3]. One group consumed protein only before their training
sessions and the other group consumed an equivalent amount of only
carbohydrates, the protein only group had significantly higher resting
energy expenditures 24 hours after their training session. Furthermore,
the American College of Sports Medicine has presented research that
suggests pre-workout protein intake can be even more effective for
recovery than a post-workout protein shake alone. In other words,
consuming a proper pre-workout meal can help increase your strength,
improve recovery, as well as boost the amount of calories you burn at
rest for up to a day after training which can help facilitate reduced
body fat and improved body composition.
"—Calvin Sun, CrossFit Invictus, CrossFit Community

Supplementation For The CrossFit Athlete
"The faster and more effectively you recuperate and recover from these
brutal sessions, the better chance you have of taking your training to
the next level. Of course nothing beats a proper diet regarding your goals, but certain supplements can give you that slight edge
."—Brad Borland for Muscle & Strength

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