700 meter row


3 rounds of:

3 Turkish Get-ups, each arm

5 Pistols (one-legged squats), each leg

10 weighted push-ups (35/15)

15 weighted sit-ups (35/15)





Be AdvisedTONIGHT from 6-9pm Vamos Martial Arts is hosting a
seminar by Brazilian Jiujitsu World champion Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu. 
During the time of the seminar we're going to make every effort to keep
the noise level to a minimum.  The Vamos Martial Arts staff is
acclimated to teaching in the noisy environment of shared space with a
CrossFit gym, but visiting trainers are not necessarily used to this. 
We will be playing the radio lower than usual and we're not going to
schedule a workout that will cause heavy barbells to constantly be
dropped.  Your cooperation is much appreciated!====George

Besides,  you don't want this guy choking you!Thumb_size1 cyborg


4 Sports Injuries and How To Prevent Them    "Whilst we may not all play sports, we are all susceptible to sports
injuries. Here we have four common sports injuries and how to deal with
them in the most simple and effective ways. Please note these are not be
all and end all solutions but rather advice from personal experience…
"—Zen To Fitness

The Toughest Ab Exercise You've Never Done     "If your
back is wonky at all, and exercises that engage the hip flexors bother
it, than this is NOT the exercise for you. And of course you should run
through the gamut of traditional weighted sit ups, leg raises and side
bends building up a solid foundation before moving into the more exotic
exercises such as this – but if you’re bored with your ab workout, need
to put some serious load on your midsection for your sport or Iron game
competition, or just want to test your limits – try this gem of a sit
"—Mark Reifkind for Dragon Door

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