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 Observations On Programming, Training and Supplements

The subject of training programming is brought up on a regular basis.  The fact that programming is the topic of discussion is understandable.  Athletes are becoming more and more educated and with this education comes the natural inclination to seek out "what is the best method.

Here are some observations and opinions.  These opinions are mine and mine only. 

Some affiliates follow the main site or CossFit HQ.  Some don't.  Regardless of whether a coach decides to follow CF Headquarters or not the affiliate is crossfitting.  Some affiliates may add exercises or equipment that is not widely used by the crossfit community and some may focus on a particular sport or event, but they all follow the formula: constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.  We have yet to see a "perfect" or particular school of thought that is radically different from anything coming out of CF HQ that produces better results or dominates at the CrossFit Games, another sport or combat.  Adding a more focused strength program is probably a good idea and there are several we really like, depending on the athlete's goals.  Before jumping into one how about making sure your general physical preparedness training is at a good standard.  There's no reason to start a strength program when the athlete's range of motion needs work, the exercises are new to the athlete or  there is an issue with the athlete's consistency.  Supplemental strength training should focus on the athlete's weaknesses.  Athletes who CrossFit to enhance their sport will probably have to modify the duration or intensity of their workouts since they are constantly training in sport specificity.  A Jiujitsu competitor who trains on the mat for 4 or more days a week, all year round, has different goals than the athlete participatig in the CrossFit Games or the person looking to be better at life.  The jiujitsu competitor will place greater emphasis on endurance, strength endurance and explosiveness.  One can never be "too strong", but absolute strength will not be the top priority for most combat athletes.  All trainees must decide what their goals are so the coach can modify workouts accordingly. 

Supplements should be well researched before using.  Some younger athletes buy into the bodybuilding magazine hype about "gaining 20 lbs. of muscle in just 3 days" and other slick advertising.  Getting big should not be the focus of supplement use.   Before suplementing, the athlete's plan should be to EAT healthy meals.  Eat real food, drink plenty of water and get good sleep then the concern can be what supplements to use.  When supplements will be introduced the athlete should focus on recovery, not putting weight on.   Proper nutrients entered into the body after a workout will facilitate proper recovery and repair.


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