We apologize about the lack of a post earlier.  We're good, but Verizon Internet service is having a major issue.  A text from Verizon states that the problem "will be resolved by 9pm on 12/13."  Yes, that's tomorrow night!  So bear with us.  This is being sent from a secret location we have pre-arranged in case of the zombie apocalypse.


For reps:

10 minutes of kettlebell snatch

Alternate hands as often as necessary.  Do not place the kettlebell on the ground to rest.



Thanks to Ana for sending me this link!  Check out the control this gymnast has.  The video is long, but the techniques get better and more difficult as the video progresses.



 A Couple Of Good Reasons (And One Bad One) To Drag Your Crippled Ass To The Gym   "Getting hurt and recovering reminds you of how resilient your body is, and how tough you are. These are good things to remember."Saint Pikachu, Stumptuous.com

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