Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
185 pound Bench press, 3 reps
225 pound Back squat, 5 reps


 Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

ring push-ups, 10 reps

225 pound back squat, 5 reps



Upper Back Training For Deadlifts  "Everyone knows how important the glutes, hamstrings, and low-back are when it comes to being a successful deadlifter, but making sure your upper-back is ready for duty is just as important. Train your thoracic spine to extend, build some serious lats and traps, and learn how to hold them tight and you'll be one step closer to a monster pull."—Todd Bumgardner for TNation.com


The CrossFit Games Open website is now live! (Courtesy of CrossFit.com)  WE ARE NOW REGISTERED AS A CROSSFIT GAMES OPEN AFFILIATE!  Click on the CrossFit Games Open link to find out more.  We'll have further info as more info is available!

Gearing Up For The 30 Day Paleo Challenge

While this is a challenge we don't want it to be so challenging that you won't even try.  It's difficult enough for some people to get over the emotional attachments of food that isn't good for you.  We will do our best to eliminate the excuse making that may occur.  Here's the first one: While it's a bonus, there's no need for you to hunt or fish for your protein.  You can use your local supermarket, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Wild By Nature.  Interestingly enough, one of our athletes hunts bison and antelope out of state, then has the meat butchered, packed and delivered to his home!  He hunts with a bow and arrow.  Pretty Paleo, eh?  We're encouraging him, for next year, to leave the bow and arrow.  We'd like to see him run up to the bison or antelope and bring the large mammal down with nothing but his wits, his physical conditioning and a knife…just to see how crossfitting has made him a better hunter.

Just kidding.

What about cooking?  Here's where modern technology and Paleo cross paths.  Cooking is usually a time consuming event.  Busy people will claim not to have time to cook.  We understand.  There are a few items that will help in this regard.  Get a Crock-Pot.  We're new to the slow cooker although it's been around for years.  The Crock-Pot allows you to slow cook your food.  By slow we mean 4-8 hours.  There's not much to do but throw meat and vegetables in the Crock-Pot and allow it time to do its thing.  Easy and delicious, what's better than that?  We picked up the family size model for $35.00 at Wal-Mart.

We don't have much information on the next item because we just found out about it from our friends, Eric and Erica, just the other day.  That's not a typo.  They're husband and wife and that's their names.  No they didn't plan it that way–it just happened, but I digress.  The cooking helper is called the Deep Covered Baker from The Pampered Chef.  We're informed that one could cook a whole chicken in half an hour in a microwave by using the Deep Covered Baker.  The DCB can also be used in a conventional oven.

The next item is a larger investment, but we have had meat grilled or cooked from it and it is unbelievably delicious.  The Big Green Egg can be used as a smoker, grill or oven.  Meat can slow cook with little or no attention given.  Two of our athletes have one and it comes highly recommended.  We first learned of the Big Green Egg from CrossFit Football's creator, John Welborn.  On his blog, Talk To Me Johnnie, there's a post called The River Cottage Meat Book wherein the Big Green Egg is mentioned.

We don't expect you to refinance your home so you can participate in the 30 Day Paleo Challenge, but we do want to make you aware of the products we know of that will definitely make your cooking and eating experience better and hopefully more convenient.




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