SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                     CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


The Spartan Performance Physical Fitness Test(PFT)

One round for max reps (and calories for the row) of:

2 minutes of push-ups (hands release)

2 minutes of sit-ups

1 minute of strict pull-ups (if unable to perform strict pull-ups a scaled version is allowed)

1 minute of push press (75 lbs. for men/ 50 lbs. for women)

1 minute of air squats

1 minute of rowing

No rest period between exercises





6 Lost Lifts For Complete Strength  "Trying new things and learning new skills – and then getting beastly at them – were considered a measure of manhood, so strongmen were driven to devise tasks requiring such versatility and all-around strength that others would have difficulty completing them.

Challenges were issued to any man watching. Naturally, there were rarely successful takers outside of strongman circles, but within those circles, the relentless pursuit of improvement delivered constant increases in strength, health, and physique.

In one unmatched feat of strength, Arthur Saxon bent-pressed 370 pounds, with claims of having done 385. Henry Steinborn regularly squatted over 500 pounds without a squat rack. Picture how that works.

Another famous strongman, Louis Cyr, hoisted a platform of 18 men onto his back, totaling over 4,000 pounds. There are countless other accounts by both famous and less well-known strongmen that still haven't been equaled today."David Dellanave for TNation.com


How To Read 7 Books In 7 Days

"Because everyone is dumb and getting dumber. The world is constantly changing and most people cannot keep up. Maybe the pace of machine learning is outpacing human learning. Who knows. The point is, you aren’t learning fast enough. It’s time you absorbed a ton of information, all at once."—Julien Smith

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