Three rounds for time of:
30 pound Dumbbell squat snatch, 15 reps, right arm
25 sit-ups
30 pound Dumbbell squat snatch, 15 reps, left arm
15 Toes to bar



Our condolences to the family of NYPD Police Officer Peter Figoski who was killed in the line of duty yesterday in Brooklyn.  Peter Figoski was the father of four girls.  Officer Figoski was a good cop and a good man.

PO Peter Figoski



by Jon F. Hooper

I fight not for glory or fame,
For they are momentary.
I fight for those who can't.
I fight for Justice.
I fight for the oppressed and the down trodden.
And if I should lose my life for these just causes, then I have no regrets,
For I serve to protect the innocent.
It matters not where or when,
For evil knows no boundaries.
Be it fire, flood, or the threat of tyranny,
I will not flee.
Justice is my weapon.
Faith is my shield.
Hope is my armor.
Cry not at my passing,
For it was my Honor to fight for you.
Shed not tears of sorrow,
But tears of joy,
For now,
I stand with God.



 How Doctors Die   "It’s not a frequent topic of discussion, but doctors die, too. And they don’t die like the rest of us. What’s unusual about them is not how much treatment they get compared to most Americans, but how little. For all the time they spend fending off the deaths of others, they tend to be fairly serene when faced with death themselves. They know exactly what is going to happen, they know the choices, and they generally have access to any sort of medical care they could want. But they go gently."Dr. Ken Murray, Zocalo   (Thanks to Mark's Daily Apple for the tip!)


Really?  The Claim: Shoveling Snow Raises The Risk Of A Heart Attack     "In a smaller study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, researchers found that most heart attacks from shoveling snow result from heavy physical exertion causing trauma to coronary arteries, which ruptures plaques that cut off blood flow. One way to lower the risk, particularly in people who smoke or rarely exercise, is to reduce sudden exertion. Experts recommend shoveling early, when snow is lighter, and taking breaks."Anahad O'Connor, NY Times

{Note:  Just another reason to CrossFit.  Especially if you live in the Northeast.  CrossFitters don't suffer from sudden exertion issues–we live them every day!—George}

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