SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                         CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


Five rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
20 Pull-ups
Run 200 meters
20 Push-ups
Run 200 meters
20 Sit-ups
Run 200 meters
20 Squats


 The cast prevents Lisa from running so…..



Study Debunks Myths On Organic Farms  "Contrary to conventional wisdom, organic farming outperformed conventional farming in every measure."Paul Hanley, Special to the The Star Phoenix

"With results like these, why does conventional wisdom favour chemical farming? Vested interests. Organic farming keeps more money on the farm and in rural communities and out of the pockets of chemical companies. As the major funders of research centres and universities, and major advertisers in the farm media, they effectively buy a pro-chemical bias."Paul Hanley, Special to The Star Phoenix

The Five Stages Of A CrossFit WOD    "You know how there are five stages of grief? And for some people, they take longer at each stage to process and move forward? Well, I’ve convinced myself that there are five similar stages for each person going through a crossfit WOD, particularly the really daunting difficult ones (Nutts and Murph, I’m looking at YOU)."—-AndreAnna, Life As A Plate
(Thanks to Caryn for passing this along!)

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  1. Lisa

    thank you ladies…its always motivating whn you have a good team behind you to support and encourage you..I am so lucky to be surrounded by you! ur words mean a lot to me! xoxo

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