SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                     CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps



Aren't Spartans supposed to have long hair?  Just sayin'.



Ladies And CrossFit-Will The Weightlifting make me Bulky   "Some people keep saying to be leaner they just need more cardio and less strength. Well, yes, if you just do “more cardio”, you will lose more fat, but you would also lose muscle because without strength training, your body burns muscle as well as fat. So, instead of looking more like a Victoria Secret model, you start to look more like a runway model. Then, once you stop doing “more cardio” you will gain fat even faster now that you don’t have the muscle to burn the extra calories, resulting in the “skinny fat” look. You can see this in ex-athletes that have tried to “get leaner” by doing “more cardio” only to result in having more fat with less muscle."Ceri Jones, Celtic CrossFit, Newport (UK)     


Lies, Damn Lies And Muscle Tone   "While some form of physical exercise will undoubtedly make you leaner, the unfortunate truth is that diet is the dominant factor controlling your body fat. Abs are made in the kitchen—not on an Abmat, a GHD machine, and certainly not on some contraption with cables. Yeah, that kind of sucks, but it’s true."Jeff Barnett, CrossFit Impulse (AL)

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