SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                             CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


5 rounds for time of:

4 Power Snatch @70% 1 rep max

20 kettlebell swings (53/36#)





We're 2 weeks into the Whole30 Challenge.  I'm still consuming from my favorite food group–coffee, but I'm drinking it black.  Not so bad, but of the few things I miss, heavy cream in my coffee is number one.  Other than that we're doing well!  Having plenty of food around and not being too particular about what to eat, as long as it falls into the guidelines, makes the Whole30 much more enjoyable.  Being a fan of left-overs also helps.

If you're participating in the challenge please share your thoughts in the comments section below.  (Yes, scroll down to the bottom of this blog post and you'll see the date in tiny numbers and letters.  Somewhere to the right of the date you'll see the word, "Comments".  Click on it and leave your message.)—George



 Odds and Ends

"Scientists are freakin’ liars

I occasionally receive emails from people who were offended by the “scientists are freakin’ liars” line in my Science For Smart People speech.  Those emails usually include some variation on Who are you to say scientists are liars?  Huh?  Huh?

I’m a guy who can read, that’s who.  Check out this article from the New York Times:

In the fall of 2010, Dr. Ferric C. Fang made an unsettling discovery. Dr. Fang, who is editor in chief of the journal Infection and Immunity, found that one of his authors had doctored several papers. It was a new experience for him. “Prior to that time,” he said in an interview, “Infection and Immunity had only retracted nine articles over a 40-year period.”

The journal wound up retracting six of the papers from the author, Naoki Mori of the University of the Ryukyus in Japan. And it soon became clear that Infection and Immunity was hardly the only victim of Dr. Mori’s misconduct. Since then, other scientific journals have retracted two dozen of his papers, according to the watchdog blog Retraction Watch."—Tom Naughton, Fat Head


Humans Are Carnivores-Get Over It-and Get Well   "An outstanding review. Everything you need to know about what we are meant to eat and why in half an hour.

Barry Groves shows how we adapted to a mainly meat diet – millions of years of ice age when there were few plants that we could have eaten – and the result. A large brain and a small gut."Rob Paterson, The Missing Human Manual

[Note:  The above re-post contains a video which is very informative, but it's about 35 minutes long.  If you follow healthy diet/nutrition news closely you probably won't glean anything you don't already know.  If you fit this description than the video is good to reinforce what you have previously read or learned. If you are a visual learner who enjoys narration with an English accent than you'll really like the video!

If you are somewhat in the dark about what we should be eating this is an excellent review.

If you are completely in the dark about diet and nutrition matters than you probably aren't reading this right now.  Sadly, like extra-help class in high school, the people that need this information the most won't invest the time and the people who will invest the time probably don't really need to watch the video.

Oh well.–George

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  1. I’m doing just fine with the Whole 30 too! There have been some days though where I’ve thought “gee pizza sure would be easier than making dinner right now” but the fact that my pants fit better is usually enough to snap me back out of it. I also found I’m sleeping better and feeling healthier (even though my mom’s convinced I’m gonna have a heart attack/high cholesterol from eating “too many” eggs). The paleo cookbooks help too when I’m having one of those “if I have to eat grilled chicken again…” kind of days

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