SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                      CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

Three rounds for time of:
135 pound Overhead squat, 10 reps
50 Double-unders





Your Mother Was Right: Good Posture Makes You Tougher   "Based on previous research, adopting a powerful, expansive posture rather than constricting your body, may also lead to elevated testosterone, which is associated with increased pain tolerance, and decreased cortisol, which may make the experience less stressful."Science Daily, July 13th 2011


Why You Shouldn't Text While Drip Painting, And Other Lessons From Jackson Pollock  "Few people know what happens inside the brain when you’re in the mental state Poll0ck described as literally being in what you’re doing. There’s a little part of the brain’s inner workings can radically change how you do what’s important to you. Just knowing about it gives you a personal operating system for yourself. It will enable you to sharpen whatever skills you’re born with, and create skill where there is none.  And it will speed up how you do things. Which means you’ll be able to get more done, in work, play, and life."Susan Alexander: New Yorker, mother, cyclist, certified CrossFitter, former practicing lawyer, and geeky researcher of what she writes about.

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