SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                 CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 21-15-9 reps for time of:
135 pound Clean
GHD sit-up

WOD Demo with Greg Amundson – video [wmv] [mov](Courtesy of CrossFit.com)








For Older Runners, Good News And Bad   "Should you need further inspiration, consider another finding of the study of older New York City marathon racers. The researchers report that in recent years, the average finishing time for the fastest men 60 and older dropped by more than seven minutes; among older women, it plummeted by more than 16 minutes. And the improvements show no sign of slowing. Older runners “have probably not yet reached their limits in marathon performance,” Dr. Lepers says, which is worth bearing in mind as you set your 2012 exercise goals."Gretchen Reynolds, NY Times


Sleep Problems In Police Officers Take Heavy Toll  "Though the study did not look at cause and effect, it was clear that sleep problems and poor health were entwined. On almost every aspect of health and job performance that was measured, the officers who had sleep problems fared far worse than their peers. After adjustments were made for age, sex and other variables, having a sleep disorder raised the odds of heart disease by 45 percent, for example, and the odds of depression by 120 percent. It also raised the odds of being injured on the job by 22 percent and falling asleep while driving by 51 percent. Nationwide, from 2009 to 2010, more than a third of officers who died in the line of duty were killed in motor vehicle crashes, a problem that is widely overlooked."-Anahad O'Connor, NY Times


The Question    "If taking a chalk bath in the middle of a workout is your secret way of resting and diminishing the pain, then you might want to address that instead of looking for reasons why you are a special butterfly and the workouts “aren’t working for you.” If you follow up your workout with a bowl of ice cream or a Starbucks muffin, then you might want to examine your diet as a reason for lack of fat loss.  If you haven’t invested the time to gain enough strength to do one strict pull-up, then chasing dozens of kipping pull-ups misses the point entirely."-Ben Abruzzo, CrossFit Alburquerque (via Whole9 Life)


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