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"CrossFit Total"

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep


WOD Demo with Cary Hair – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov](Courtesy of CrossFit.com)

CrossFit Total    from the CrossFit Journal, Issue 52, December 2006  By Mark Rippetoe


Congratulations To Stephen L. and Ryan M. (that would be the woman Ryan as opposed to the man Ryan)!  They both PR'd last week with front squats 40 pounds above their last front squats.  FORTY pounds is a significant amount for a personal record!


It's here—the first workout for the 2012 Games Open will come out on Wednedsday!  All are encouraged to register for the Open.  All Open workouts will be done at CrossFit Suffolk.   If you're still thinking about it…stop.  JUST DO IT!  Learn more and register HERE.  Competing WILL make your game jump up and it's a good time.


 Comments, suggestions, ideas and complaints are always welcome.  Like to see a different time spot, let us know.  Have an idea for the gym, let us know.  Want a piece of equipment we don't have yet, let us know.  Please comment with the "COMMENT" link below (this will be public–be advised)  or email me privately at crossfitsuffolk@aol.com.


Don't Be A Dumbass Client   "I asked coaches from Australia to Vegas to sound off about clients that annoy the f— out of them.  These people suffer in silence when one of us does or says something f—–g stupid.  They have to remain political.  I do not.  Coaches love what they do, but like every job – there is shit that pisses them off."Epic, Beast Modal Domains

{The above article was re-posted because it's hilarious.–George}


Protection Sock:  The Sock That's Worn As A Shoe   "The socks are made from 8 percent spandex, 10 percent cotton, 32 percent polyester, and the most important ingredient, 50 percent kevlar. The bottoms have also been reinforced with a PVC laminate that helps make them cut-resistant. So your feet will feel as close to being naked while still having some level of protection. Just remember, the socks aren't cut-proof, so walking on broken glass or jagged rocks is still going to be risky."Geekologie






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