SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                       CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


7X1 Power Clean and Push Jerk, heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.



kettlebell swing (32/24kg)

ring dips



Stephen F.

CrossFit And GPP    The article is from the current edition of the CrossFit Journal  and was written by Tony Leyland. 

"Another point I make is that even starting CrossFit at a
low intensity and reducing the measured aspect because
the client isn’t competitive is still a great first step. As an
example, even a relatively light overhead squat is going
to improve balance, core endurance and flexibility. The
CrossFit magic is in the types and variety of movements
and the varied intensity. But even if a client only taps into
part of that magic, he or she is still going to benefit greatly
compared to doing the same thing over and over again."—-Tony Leyland, CF Journal

Better Health Through Bacon
"A significant thing is that what Brent is doing in order to get these
results is directly contrary to mainstream medical and dietary advice.
He never counts calories, typically skips breakfast, none of the foods
he eats even have pictures of cartoon hearts on them and his meals all
center on meat, vegetables and ample quantities of saturated fat and

Even Jim Gaffigan's friend bacon, which is vilified by anyone dictating official nutritional guidelines for the fattest country on the planet, is a regular item in his diet."Craig Weller, Barefoot Fitness

Your Brain On Paleo
"A Paleo diet forestalls the need for anti-inflammatories by preventing
inflammation in the first place. People with severe digestive problems
may see benefits from following a slightly stricter version of Paleo
until their gut health improves, but a basic Paleo diet
is inherently non-inflammatory because it excludes the food toxins that
cause inflammation in the first place. When your gut is no longer being
irritated by gluten, lectins, and other food toxins, it can recover
just like your skin can heal from a one-time splinter wound.
"—Sébastien Noël, Paleo Diet Lifestyle


Reminder:  Paleo Challenge starts in 4 days!  Prpeare by shopping for foods from the approved food list and get rid of the food in your house that is not Paleo.  Please submit your name to us if you are accepting the challenge.  We only have 10 names on the list so far.  Be the first kid on your block to accept the challenge!


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