SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                     CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


5 rounds for time of:

10 power snatch, 75/50#

10 burpees






Interesting!  Found this at one of our favorite CrossFit websites–CrossFit Santa Cruz Central.  It's included with an excellent blog post!



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Is Killing Someone Who Broke Into Your Home, Self-Defence   "A number of cases in the UK recently are certainly saying YES, it is Self Defence."Adam from Low Tech Combat

{Note:Self-defense laws in the United States are bit different than those in the United Kingdom and Australia.  By "different" I mean better.  The topic is worth understanding so we don't go the way of the United Kingdom.–George}

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  1. George

    Thanks Joe!
    I think of the victims of the home invasion in CT where the father was beaten and tied up and his wife and daughters were tied up, raped and burned to death.
    We can’t assume that a maniac forcefully storming into our house has some legitimate, non-threatening reason for doing so.

  2. “We can’t assume that a maniac forcefully storming into our house has some legitimate, non-threatening reason for doing so.”
    Thats true.
    And I think that is where the last case study went wrong. It was his explanation of what he was thinking at the time. He should have explained in detail the worst case scenario that he considered, rather than beat around the bush. It can be hard to explain exactly the worst case thoughts running through your head after the fact because it all doesn’t seem so bad now, but we need to do that for the jury. They need to know what we were thinking at the time.

  3. George

    That’s exactly right Adam!
    Coming from the law enforcement community we learn about articulating why we did what we did. Unfortunately, even among those citizens who engage in self-defense training, the amount of time spent on explaining your actions is minimal at best. Very often it isn’t dome at all.
    Educating a judge or jury regarding the dynamics of a violent confrontation will often be the responsibility of the individual using righteous force.
    Keep up the great work Adam….Low Tech Combat is outstanding!

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