SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                      CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


5 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
10 L-Pull-ups
15 kettlebell swings (53/36)
20 Sit-ups with 25 pound plate





Mixed Martial Artist, Frankie Edgar, the UFC Lightweight champ, arguably has the highest level of conditioning in the sport.  Edgar has taken punishment from the very best of his division.  Edgar has been to the brink of being knocked unconscious only to come back and not only win, but win decisively.  Check out some of Frankie's conditioning.





Surprising Reasons Why You're Tight And Weak  "Muscles, bones, tendons, fascia, and ligaments all play a role in your welfare in and out of the weight room. Throw off your skeleton, and you get a lack of structural balance. Throw off your structural balance, and you get muscles being overloaded. Overload muscles, and you're grieved with joint stress and connective tissue issues."Lee Boyce for TNation.com

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