SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                    CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps


WOD Demo with Dave Lipson by Again Faster Equipment – video [wmv] [mov](Courtesy of CrossFit.com)







 HOLIDAY PARTY at the gym, SATURDAY AT 7:30PM…music, food, beverage, basic jocularity and hijinks!  Let us know by Friday at 3:47pm if you are attending.  If you know before 3:47pm Friday, please let us know. 



Radical Methods Of Injury Rehabilitation   "…..many patients are told to stop all activity until the pain goes away. I disagree! If you feel that you should rest the area, get some treatment here and there and everything will return to normal, think again! You can do all the soft tissue work in the world to try to break down fibrotic tissue – the muscle will still be weak, atrophied, and hard!

If you truly want to make progress, stop "pampering" the muscle and start exercising with progressive resistance."—-John Paul Catanzaro for TNation.com

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