SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                  CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

12 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch Drop.

"Sometimes used synonymously with snatch balance, the drop snatch is actually slightly different. While in the snatch balance, the athlete uses a dip and drive of the legs to unload the bar momentarily before driving under it, in the drop snatch, the athlete must drive under the bar with no upward push at all."Catalyst Athletics


1a) 3XME T2B – rest 45 sec.
1b) 3XME HSPU – kipping is allowed, rest 45 sec.
1c) 3X20 KBS – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.
1d) 3X5 Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Press – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.


Today's WOD Glossary

Snatch Drop:  See the explanation from Catalyst Athletics above.  Really read it and absorb the words…especially the words, "DRIVE UNDER THE BAR WITH NO UPWARD PUSH AT ALL".  There is no "dip" just a "drop".

T2B:  Toes to bar.  Hang from bar.  Bring toes up.  Touch bar with toes.  Footwear may be left on foot. 

HSPU:  Handstand push-up.  Stand on hands, arms at full extension.  Lower head to ground.  Push back up again.  Repeat.  Kipping is allowed.  You don't have to kip, but if you can you should.  So you can practice it, that's why!

KBS:  Ketllebell swing.  Yes, I realize "snatch" starts with an "S" as well, but for snatches the whole word "snatch" is spelled out because everyone likes the word "snatch".

  • Snatch Grip Behind The Neck Press:  Press the bar from on your back, behind your head with a very wide grip. 

Heaviest possible:  means heaviest possile.

Rest:  doing anything BUT exercising. 

45 sec.:  45 seconds.  3/4 of a minute.  The period of time used to do anything but exercise in between exercising.


Did you ever wonder what the the weights inside a weighted jump rope handle look like?  Well today's your lucky day!  It seems, much to my surprise, that jump ropes do not stand up very well to pick-up trucks.  Go figure!  Now if your initial thought was, "What the heck was a pick-up truck doing on the wall where the jump ropes hang?", not to worry.  No, the pick-up wasn't in the wrong spot–the jump rope was.  Somebody parked the jump rope in the pick-up truck's parking spot in the parking lot and left it there on the ground, unattended and unprotected.  Apparently the jump rope doesn't jump out of the way of speeding pick-up trucks without the help of a human, which, in this case, not a single human provided.  Lets hang the jump ropes back where they belong when we're not using them–the equipment you save may be your own!





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They Don't Award Form Points In Olympic Weightlifting   "While it’s true that the two Olympic lifts require a high degree of athletic ability, they are not as complicated as many coaches like the athletes to believe. The current crop of coaches want us to believe that they possess some secret knowledge that only they can impart to the lifters. Whereas in reality, unless an athlete is hampered by poor shoulder flexibility or can’t do an overhead squat, or a front squat, I can teach him how to squat or split snatch and clean and jerk in a single session. So can any other coach worth his salt. It isn’t complicated. Learn how to do the lifts then get really, really strong."-Bill Starr for Starting Strength

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  1. Barbara Olsen

    Sounds like I need to head own there and do some ass kicking…….my legs work just fine!!! I can wait for your post about getting bulky…….funny thing working out I looked good and now that I am not working out I am bulky!!!

  2. George

    Amanda–Good call, but I had “ME” in the first glossary, I believe.
    Barbara–I look forward to the “bulky” commentary. I have more material since the last time I addressed this topic. This might be the essay that kills the large muscled woman hysteria forever!

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