SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                     CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


Resting 60 seconds between sets:
Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2




Down for the 9-11 Throwdown on Sunday?  Let us know–we're taking names.  We're doing a tough workout to remember a tough time.  There will be food and beverage following the workout.  If you have questions, we have answers.  This special session will begin at 12pm.


 Meatshare update:  Individuals can buy in at 25 lbs. of meat at $6.00/lb., but we still need enough members to purchase a whole steer!  Meatshare events are pay as you use them.  You only pay per the event you wish to participate in.  Interested individuals have to sign up on Meatshare. What questions do you have?


 Gravity Iron: No Weights Needed    "There is no such thing as best, there's only different.

Measurable results within the framework of health, safety, and time management are the key. Why spend three times the amount of training time for 1% better results if you don't have competitive ambition? Wouldn't a program that offered really good results and allowed you a social life and family time be well worth the investment?

The basics are usually easy to remember. If a methodology is too complex, it creates a fabric that's easily torn by problems. If something goes wrong, it's hard to tell what the issue is as there's too much going on all the time.

Let's eliminate the inessential and focus on simplicity and progression."—-Tom Furman for TNation.com


Special Ops   "I love the way that the food in my supermarket is conveniently arranged by disease category. Surely you must have noticed it yourself by now: there’s one aisle for heart disease, one for diabetes, one for osteoporosis, one for celiac disease and auto-immune disorders, one for depression and one for neurological disease."Frank Forencich, Exuberant Animal

(Make sure you read the comments following the above article!–George)

Paleo Athletes Uncovered: Olympic Hopeful Ursula Grobler    "Can an endurance athlete be successful eating a paleo diet?  I hear this question all of the time and I was actually the one asking it a few years ago.  Does it work?  Yep.  How do I know?  I tried it and actually won a marathon eating paleo.  My experience completely changed my life – it was then that I truly decided paleo was legit.  It’s been a little over two years for me now; and fortunately in that time I’ve had the opportunity to work with and prove to many elite and highly competitive endurance athletes that paleo doesn’t just work – it makes them better!  How do they do it?  It’s all very individual and we work together, changing and adjusting as needed until everything is dialed in."Amy Kubal for Robb Wolf.com

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