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Front squat 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 reps


Congrats MIke M.—the newest member of the muscle-up club!




How To Front Squat With Proper Technique   By Medhi Hamdi of StrongLifts.com

The Front Squat Compromise    "In order the effectively handle a large load in racked position, the front squat demands that the athlete maintain as vertical a torso as possible during the decent. That is, the athlete cannot really push their butts back and shift the lion's share of the decent loading to the hamstrings as they would in the back squat."Kelly Starrett, San Francisco CrossFit



Why You Need More Strength    "Of course, training for nothing but maximal strength won't make you an endurance athlete. However, when I cut out the speed/endurance exercises, they were able to put more energy into their kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, and boxing.

In other words, they had the extra energy outside of our strength workouts to literally build sport specific endurance by practicing their sport more frequently and with greater intensity. And remember that having higher levels of maximal strength means you can perform the sport with less effort."Chad Waterbury for TNation.com

Wheat Belly    "This whole debate is a perfect example of why blogs have the potential to be so much better than non-fiction books. Wheat Belly contains ideas that have been extensively debated in the ancestral health blogosphere and found wanting, as well as ideas presented uncontroversially that are the subject of bitter controversies in the blogosphere at the moment. Besides that, most of the good information here can easily be found in well-written blog posts by experts on their respective subjects."Melissa McEwen, Hunt Gather Love


Every once in a while we need to watch a video in Norwegian–as far as we're concerned!  Actually watching Magnus Midtboe do his rock climbing strength drills is impressive in any language.  Thanks to Ross Enamait's site, Rosstraining.com, for the tip!  We notice in some of the drills such as the release and touch the higher rung before re-grabbing the lower rung, on the rock climbing wall, that Mr. Midtboe kips!!  We can't help but wonder whether or not anyone accuses him of "cheating" when he kips or breaks his chops about looking like he's having a seizure, or some of the other silliness that gets bandied about by folks who can't kip.—George



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