SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                               CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


5 rounds for time of:

 5 push jerk (with 70% of 1 rep max)

10 ring dips


There's tough and then there's TOUGH….Ryan builds his toughness by securing 50 lbs. to parts of his anatomy that definitely should not have anything heavy secured to them.  Ryan remained in this position for several hours repeating the mantra, "Pain is good, Extreme pain is extremely good."  Go Ryan!!


More Back Pain Myths: MRI Abnormalities  "Yet more evidence that pain lives in the brain not the body."—-Better Movement

Total Immersion: How To Recognize and Tap Into The Power Of Flow  "These are flow moments of course – spells of time in which we become wholly absorbed in our endeavors. They’re sometimes called peak performances or “in the zone” moments in the athletic arena or, alternatively, samadhi in yoga and select Eastern religions. Flow happens when we let individual consciousness – or self-consciousness – slip away in a larger pursuit. We become our action, our intent, our doing. It’s a union of sorts, as the samadhi concept suggests."—-Mark Sisson


On Saturday at 10pm Showtime will be broadcasting the STRIKEFORCE World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament (Mixed Martial Arts).  Aside from the main events featuring the likes of Fedor Emelianenko, Antonio Silva, Andrei "The Pitbull" Arlovski, Wantagh's own,  Gian Villante will make his Strikeforce debut!

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