SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                  CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


12 minutes to establish a 3 rep max (RM) STRICT weighted pull-ups


5 rounds for total time of:

Run 200m
10 Absolutely Vertical KBS 32/24kg
15 Burpees

*Rest 2 minutes after each round.



Congratulations to Sean, 3rd from left and Tim, 5th from left, on getting their black belts from Joe D'Arce, 6th from left, Saturday.  Alex and Chris Vamos (1st and 2nd on left) were in attendance for the promotion and the seminar given by Rolles Gracie (4th from left).  Sean and Tim have spent a long time training hard with Joe as well as teaching at his school.



Some of you will remember Sean, aka "Bronco", aka "CrossFit" when he trained with us.


The key to Sean's success….Amie, aka "Mrs. Bronco"IMG_2416



Don't let this happen to you…..Would-be FBI Agent Sues After Missing Cut By One Pushup.

There's a good chance this young fella, Jay Bauer, doesn't CrossFit.  The test was to perform 30 pushups, untimed.  Never mind the fact that an FBI agent is never going to have to perform a pushup in the performance of his duty.  Never mind the fact that female candidates only have to do 14 pushups. 

Is it too much to ask a man going into the field of law enforcement to do 30 pushups?  Is it too much to ask any man to do 30 pushups?

Mr. Bauer, according to the news report, was an FBI analyst and aced his initial physical fitness test.  A good analyst is worth his weight in gold, however, there is nothing physical about the job.  Shame on you Mr. Bauer for not joining your local CrossFit affiliate.  Bauer worked in the Chicago field office.  There are 11 CrossFits in Chicago and many more in the surrounding area.

Even if Bauer was living under a rock and never heard of CrossFit, was it too much to ask to workout (read: do pushups, situps and run) on his own?  Maybe he was.  Maybe it just wasn't good enough.

If you are trying for a law enforcement or first responder job of any type and you're not in top physical condition you're a dumb-ass and you don't deserve the job.  Let the men and women who are actively staying fit and getting stronger day by day have a shot at the position.

It's a sad day folks.  A sad day for for men.  Jack LaLanne is surely rolling in his grave.—George

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