SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                 CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


5×2 Snatch, 70% 1 rep max


3 rounds for time:

5 Snatch Balances 135/95#

20 Wall Balls 20/14#

20 Double-Unders

10 T2B (Toes To Bar)





Prilepin's Chart   "Prileipin’s Chart is the result of a lot of Russian research done with Olympic weightlifters. It depicts the optimum number and range of reps given a certain percentage to increase strength. The researchers looked at bar speed, technique, and the lifter’s next competition max and developed the following numbers (for more on Prilepin’s Chart and it’s use on strength training, check out this solid article by Tim Kontos on EliteFTS)."Justin Lascek, 70s Big


Just Because A Doctor Said It–A Response   "If I had to sum up my experience at medical school in one sentence, I’d do so like this: I have learned about disease, but I haven’t learned about health.

Doctors need more education on everything to do with lifestyle advice, particularly exercise and nutrition. That is indisputable."Joe Lightfoot, a current medical student AND strength coach, for Tony Gentilcore's Blog

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