SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                    CROSSFIT SUFFOLK



4X8 Back Squats @ 80% OF 3 REP MAX– rest 2 minutes.


3 rounds for time of:

9 Front Squats 185/120#
12 Strict Pullups
50 Double-Unders

 Today's Workout Glossary:

by George


4: The number of sets to perform for the Back Squat.

Set: A group of reps or repetitions.

8:  The number of reps to perform per set.

Back Squat:  Weight is carried on a barbell across your upper back while you squat

@:  Means "at"….as in "at 80%" or 80 out of 100.

80%:  Eighty percent (per hundred.  Lets say you're 3 rep max is 300 lbs.  If I multiply 80 x 300 I get 24000.  24000 lbs is probably too much to do a workout with, not to mention it would take so long to load the bar and 24 pounds is way too light, ergo, the answer must be 240 pounds.  If your 3 rep max is 300…you're welcome!

3 Rep Max:  Three repetition maximum or the most weight you can lift for 3 reps.

rest: a period of relative inactivity used to recover.

2 minutes:  The designated period of relative inactivity used to recover from an exercise, in this case Back Squats.  Notice it says "2 minutes" and not "make up your own rest period" or "2 is good, but 3 or 4 is just as well!"

then:  …but wait…there's more!

3:  the number of rounds in the conditioning portion of the workout.

rounds:  A set of exercises to be performed for a designated number of repetitions, a close cousin of the "set".

Front Squats:  Holding the barbell across your chest and shoulders and squatting

Strict Pull-ups:  Pulling your chin over the bar at the top,  arms at full extension at the bottom,                no kipping.  Chin coming close to the bar at the top doesn't count.

Double-Unders:  Jumping rope with the rope passing around you twice for every one jump.  One leg only clearing the rope on the second revolution doesn't count.  Making the cool woosh sound of the rope going faster doesn't count unless the double-under was actually there.




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  1. Matt S

    George, Thank you for posting a glossary for you work out… Both Tom and I expirance very similar levels of utter frustration in repeating similar explanations to workouts several times a day to “repeat offenders”. we both fell out of our chairs laughing and at the same time felt a certain level of universal connection to you and other coaching. Just knowing we are not alone made life easier to deal with
    Thank you for your creativity and positive outlook

  2. Barbara Olsen

    I could have peed my pants I was laughing so hard,!! It reminded me of the you taught someone to start reading from the top of the workout board! I guess someone finally pushed you over your patience threshold!! Lol miss you guys!!

  3. Lisa Demetriou

    Matt!!! LMAO great comment! man you nailed “UTTER FRUSTRATION” great hearing from you! hope all is well!! xoxox

  4. George

    Thank you all for the feedback! Nice hearing from you Matt!
    The sad part of all this is the people who would benefit from the Glossary won’t read the website. Oh well….we can only try! Fortunately I love this stuff!
    My next topic will be new female members who explain to me how they don’t want to get “bulky”, “all muscley”, “huge”or “gross”…..they just want to tone. Stay tuned!

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