SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                    CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


4 rounds for time of:

400 meter run

10 kettlebell snatches, each arm (53/36#)




Ida Keeling, A 95 Year Old Great-Grandmother from The Bronx, Sets World Record In Masters Sprint   "As Keeling approached the finish line, the other sprinters began to clap and so did everybody else at the Armory, competitors in the hurdles and long jump and distance events, and the smattering of fans, including several of Keeling's six grandchildren and eight great grand-children. Ida Keeling raised her arms again. Her time was 29.86 – a world record in the 95-and-up age group, and when it was announced, another cheer went up, a little more material for the book she is writing about her life."–Wayne Coffey, Daily News

We vow to stop re-posting inspirational stories like the one above when we stop hearing excuses from relatively healthy folks about why they CAN'T workout!–George


The Olympic Press  Once upon a time the Press was a lift done in the Olympics!  Read this blog re-post from Beyond Strong and watch the videos.  As athletes who Press and Push Press on a regular basis you'll really appreciate watching Olympians from 40 years ago pressing tremendous weight!–George 

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