SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                      CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


For time:

20 kettlebell swings

15 double unders

15 kettlebell swings

20 double unders

10 kettlebell swings

25 double unders

5 kettlebell swings

30 double unders



  Lisa on spartan beast obstacle

A mild section of the course!

  Geo and lisa running up Killington


Breaking Down The Single Leg Squat    "Single-leg squats allow you to target the legs with greatly reduced shearing forces on the spine. Moreover, the overall external loads used for single-leg squats are typically less than with bilateral lifts, so there are fewer compressive forces, making them much more low-back friendly than their bilateral counterparts.

This is obviously appealing for back-pain sufferers, but also healthy back populations, too. One study revealed that in a random sample of 98 "healthy" asymptomatic backs, 64% of the subjects had a disk abnormality of some sort.

Also worth noting is that while the overall prevalence of disc abnormalities didn't change much with physical activity, the prevalence of disc protrusions at L5-S1 was higher in people that exercised regularly as compared to more sedentary folks (16% to 4%). Remember, these were asymptomatic subjects, so just because you're not currently experiencing back pain doesn't mean that your spine is necessarily healthy. Chances are it's not."—Ben Bruno for TNation.com


One Of My Favorite Shoulder Exercises    "It activates, mobilizes, stabilizes and makes you feel amazing. The only way this movement could be better is if you substituted the band with bacon."Jim "Smitty" Smith, Diesel Crew

Unretired Football Legend Tom Hafey At 80   "Hafey is the archetype back-pocket player who found a vocation – and founded a dynasty – in coaching a game he never starred at. Tactics were incidental. Attitude was all."Andrew Rule, Herald Sun (Australia)




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