SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                     CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


200 meter run

10 power snatch (95/75#)

200 meter run

10 power clean (95/75)

200 meter run

10 push jerk (95/75)

200 meter run

10 sumo deadlift high pull (95/75)






 The Longevity Project-Personality Traits And Long Life   “The best childhood predictor of longevity was conscientiousness—the qualities of a prudent, persistent, well-organized person—somewhat obsessive and not at all carefree,” Friedman and Martin write early on in the book. That may not be sexy and exciting but, as we’ll see, it’s quite logical.


High-Intensity Intervals May Be Single Best Exercise 

"Zuniga, Hanumanthu, and colleagues measured physiological responses during interval training with different intensities and duration of exercise. The major finding was that short intervals (30 seconds work and rest) and sub-maximum power output (90%) allow the athlete to complete longer interval sessions with greater metabolic demand and lower blood lactate concentrations than longer intervals (3 minutes work and rest). The shorter intervals maximized power output."Clarence Bass


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