SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


Back Squat

1X20  Unbroken 


For time:

50 Mountain Climbers
15 OHS 115/75#
50 Mountain Climbers
12 OHS 115/75#
50 Mountain Climbers
9 OHS 115/75#
50 Mountain Climbers




REMINDER: We are closed on Monday and Tuesday, April 9 and 10!


 Paleo Diet: How Do I Convince Someone To Try It?   "So, neither of my parents ever did, nor ever will take responsibility for their health. Both had rough childhoods, did the best they could, but were (in my opinion) wracked by fear and largely incapable of change. My home environment was very co-dependant and dysfunctional. This has provided me with a kind of “Spidey Sense” in which I sniff out bull-shit better than a blood hound tracks Jack-Rabbits. If you are dodging responsibility I will know it within milliseconds of talking with you. And you generally get one (1, Uno, Eine) chance to get your shit together or I am done. But I’m not done because I don’t care. No, it’s because I know we do not have much time."—Robb Wolf

Note:  We re-post articles to educate, inform or just to make you think.  We are acutely aware that not everyone has a spare 6 minutes to read everything posted.  Occasionally we come across an article that we consider "must reading" or we just feel it's VERY worth your time.  The above Robb Wolf article is one such example.  Please read this REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THE PALEO DIET, TRYING TO CONVINCE SOMEONE OR WHETHER OR NOT YOU CARE ABOUT DIET AT ALL.  Thank you!—George

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