SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                       CROSSFIT SUFFOLK



8 rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
11 Dumbbell burpee deadlifts, 60 pound dumbbells

WOD Demo with Jonathan Glancy – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov](Courtesy of CrossFit.com)





The Festivus Games, August 4th 2012, are, apparently, sold out for the Long Island event.



Garage games


The Garage Games are coming to Long Island—Happauge to be exact!  The competition is held throughout the country.  The Battle For Long Island will be held August 25-26th.  There are divisions for Rx'd and Scaled events.  Check out this link to register and get more info.

From CrossFit A.C.T.:

If you are unfamiliar with the Garage Games, here is a brief description of the games:

The Event Series is popping up around the country! This is CrossFit competitions, hosted by YOU, partnered with US to make a series! We will have seven regions in 2012, Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, South Central, West/Mountain, Pacific Northwest, Southwest/California.

Each region will have a series of events from 4-40. The events are a mixture of MAJOR events and MINOR events. A Major event is scored higher than a Minor event, and each region will have a minimum number of MAJOR events that you must compete in, in order to be considered for top placement positions or for prizes.

These details will be released very soon for each region, but are unavailable now as the event schedule is yet to be finalized (nor will it be, as we add events throughout the year, though we will make plans based on best estimations).

Each region will be unique in their requirements, because the event schedule will be so unique for each region.



 What's The Deal With Grains?     "…….grains are good for birds, but not us."—-Jason Seib for Everyday Paleo

What Does It Mean To Be Fat-Adapted?   "If you can handle exercising without having to carb-load, you’re probably fat-adapted. If you can workout effectively in a fasted state, you’re definitely fat-adapted."—Mark Sisson, Mark's Daily Apple

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