SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                      CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


Power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps





 Are You Still Sitting?   "The link between sitting and cardiovascular disease has to do with the physics of how your blood flows through your arteries. Different types of flows promote different types of plaque accumulation.

Plaque accumulates NOT because of blood chemistry, but because of the action of the cells flowing within the blood vessels.
Normally, blood cells in the blood glide along down the blood vessels, like a ball rolling down a hallway. If that hallway has a turn in it, however, the ball will smack into the wall."Katy Bowman
The Connection Between Height And Health   "Gavrilova looked at draft cards filled out by 30 year-old Americans who would eventually grow up to become centenarians and analyzed the differences between the physical stats of those who would eventually grow up to become centenarians and those who didn’t. While obesity (or “stoutness,” as it was called back then) had strong negative links to longevity, height did not. The group of future centenarians was mostly people of medium height. Being soldiers, however, these were exclusively males. According to the IGF-1 receptor mutation study, only in females is the mutation linked to lower heights and greater longevity."-Mark Sisson, Mark's Daily Apple

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