SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                               CROSSFIT SUFFOLK



2011 CrossFit Games Regional Workout 3

21-15-9 reps for time of:
315 pound Deadlift
30" Box jump


That's Barbara wearing a bikini while playing beach volley ball.  Nothing unusual about it except that a little over 4 short months ago she had no intention of wearing a bikini to play volleyball.  A few months ago she wasn't CrossFitting at Spartan Performance.  A few months ago she didn't have the muscle quality you see in the below photo.  A few months ago she couldn't do a pull-up.  Now she can do multiple reps….easily!  It's amazing what 4 months of CrossFit, a strong work ethic and eating properly can do!

Barbara is proof!





The Latest "Meat Causes Cancer" Bologna  "The implication, of course, is that the evidence linking red meat to colon cancer is clear.  So is it?

Hardly.  In my Science For Smart People speech, I listed several critical-thinking questions we need to ask when some new study warns that this-or-that food is going to kill us.  If you haven’t seen the speech, you may want to give it a look before continuing."—Tom Naughton

If you can spare about 45 minutes click on the link above for Science For Smart People.  Tom Naughton is a comedian and a former health writer.  His speech is both entertaining and inormative.  It's also worth your time…..skip an episode of Jersey Shore or Mob Wives and learn something!


Parent Like A Caveman  "In three new studies out of the University of Notre Dame, psychology professor Darcia Narvaez—who’s dedicated her career to studying morality and character development—argues that, indeed, our Flintstone kin were better caregivers than some modern-day parents. And that by incorporating some of their practices into our own childrearing, we can raise more compassionate, socially savvy, smarter kids."—Danielle Friedman, The Daily Beast

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  1. PaleoParenting? I like it. Another example for my case that we need to return to a more “tribal” style of living. I’m not talking about tents and campfires — but maybe a life more centered around family and church.

  2. George

    Perfect timing, with a newborn and all, for you to implement the program!
    If I had to do it all again I would change some things in my parenting skill-set. First and foremost…I would NOT have a television. I know a man who, along with his wife, raised 10 children. The children are attorneys, officers in the military and professional athletes! When I asked the “secret” to raising successful children he said, “we didn’t have a TV in the house…they focused on running in the hills, school work, sports and chores.”
    Second, if at all possible, moms should stay home with the children. We observed a tremendous change for the better when this occurred in our own home.
    “Tribal” is the way to go!

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