SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                     CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


15 minutes to establish a 2RM High-Bar Back Squat.


10 minute AMRAP of:

12 Pullups
12 Pistols
12 HR Pushups


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Book Review:

The Power Of Community: CrossFit and The Force of Human Connection

By Dr. Allison Wenglin Belger

Reviewed by George Demetriou


Power of community


One can argue the various ways CrossFit, as a workout methodology, is different or similar to other workout methodologies, but one aspect of CrossFit, in fact, one of the main things that makes CrossFit different and dare I say, better, is the sense of community that one enters into when crossfitting at an established affiliate.  We are in awe over the very tight bonds that are formed while training together and these bonds carry over into life outside the gym. 

Nowhere is this better illustrated than in Dr. Allison Wenglin Belger's new book, The Power Of Community: CrossFit and The Force of Human Connection.  Dr. Belger is a psychologist, a parent, a crossfit coach and the co-owner of 4 affiliate gyms–she speaks to you from extensive research and experience.  Dr. Belger "gets it".  Belger states, "The personal stories I have gathered for this project have furthered enriched, and reinforced my belief in the power of community".  I whole-heartedly agree!

I made the "fatal" error of a book reader upon getting the book–I judged a book by its title.  I thought the book might be a boring study on why working out with others is better than working out alone.  I couldn't be more wrong.  The book is a fascinating account of how inspiring individuals in the crossfit community have combined creativity and hardwork to improve the lives of others or how the crossfit community has helped where others failed or didn't try.  The book is so touching that it will motivate you to think of a way to help others or it will motivate you to do everything better.

I knew of Steve Liberati because of Steve's Club.  I never knew the story of how he started Steve's Club until I read The Power Of Community.  Shortly after Steve got into CrossFit he founded a non-profit crossfit gym for teens in a high-crime part of New Jersey.  Steve used his own time, money and resources to ensure those who are looking for a positive outlet have a place to train.  It's impossible to quantify, but Steve's Club is not only life-improving, but is probably a life-saving alternative to being on the street.

One of my favorite chapters detailed how a 19 year-old crossfitter from Montana, Brad Ludden, founded First Descents, a non-profit organization that offers free week long trips for young adults with cancer.  The participants kayak and camp for a week where they are assigned nicknames and their illness can be discussed, but it doesn't define who they are.  The group not only learns a new skill, but they are obviously, outdoors and away from doctors, hospitals and the usual activities that make up their typical days.  What the group experiences is not only therapeutic, it is powerful.  It's impressive that this was the idea of such a young, and very special, crossfitter.

Every chapter in The Power of Community is powerful!  You get glimpses into the personal lives of people who have harnessed the energy of the "group" and used that energy to improve their lives and the lives of others.  Every chapter is inspirational whether it tells the story of how crossfitting members of the military have organized to help other military personnel or whether it was "ordinary" crossfitters raising money to help someone in need.  As a crossfitter the Power of Community will make you proud and thankful.  For trainers, coaches and affiliate owners you'll get a better sense of how you can positively impact and influence your community in ways that go beyond helping people get into shape.  The Power of Community doesn't ask the question directly, but you'll find yourself asking, "What can I do to make the world a better place?"

I'm thankful to Allison Belger for documenting the stories contained in The Power of Community.  We live in the age of information and so much of what we hear about or read about it on a day to day basis is negative.  It was a pleasure to read something that was positive and something that will stir your soul to want to do some good for your community.



Unleash The Power Of The Jump Squat    "Jump squats have been shown to improve lower body power output over resistance training or stand-alone box jumps (3-4). Increased power generally translates to an increased 1RM.

To that end, the absence of power movements in your training could be the limiting factor in your squats. If you're not training in some way to create force as fast as possible, then you're limiting the firing rate of muscle action and as a result, leaving weight on the rack.

The quicker you can recruit your entire lower body into the squat, the greater force you can produce, and ultimately the more weight you can move."—-Brad Longazel for TNation.com

Note:  We did these recently.  I included this article because it offers a good explanation of why we do them!–George

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