SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                          CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 15 minutes of Snatch Balance practice


4 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
15 C2B Pullups


Upcoming schedule changes:  Be advised….we will be closed on Monday, April 9th and Tuesday, April 10th.




Is Eating Meat Ethical?    "By now, you’ve probably heard about the essay contest the NY Times is running. The prompt is “Tell us why it’s ethical to eat meat.” To decide the winner or winners, they’ve assembled a diverse mix of self-hating omnivores, self-hating sometimes-vegetarians, self-hating “flexible vegans,” and the guys with all those witty one-liners about food and grandmothers and “mostly plants” – Michael Pollan, Jonathan Safran Foer, Peter Singer, Mark Bittman, and Andrew Ligh."Mark Sisson, Mark's Daily Apple


Meet The Active Couch Potato     "When they formally exercised, volunteers used about 13 percent more energy over all than on days they didn’t exercise. But they still sat 68 percent of the time.

Surprisingly, how much people exercised or what kind of exercise they chose did not change sitting time. Whether volunteers worked out for less than an hour or for more than 90 minutes, they spent an equivalent amount of time the rest of the day being mostly torpid physically.

It seems that after exercising, the study authors concluded, people “substitute either lighter and/or sedentary activities.”—Gretchen Reynolds, NY Times


Coach Mike Burgener Teaches the Snatch Balance from CrossFit Emerald Coast on Vimeo.



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  1. dana

    great – so the day i plan to come back to crossfit you will be closed monday! lol guess im forced to wait until wednesday now!

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