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Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps


Wednesdays, starting TODAY, 8am-9:45am!


In case you missed the article that featured this video….(75 kilos equals 165 lbs.)



How To Front Squat With Proper Technique


The Tabata Method, Perfected  "I strive for a weight that still allows around eight reps on the last set. That can be amazingly light, but you'll soon learn not to judge the workout by the first set of 14 to 20 reps. The accumulation of fatigue is going to shock you."Dan John, TNation.com


When It Comes To Squats, Easier Doesn't Work  "….He started off with 135 – not the empty bar – and most folks that look like him don't have a training history that justifies skipping the empty bar. I sure as hell don't, I squat the empty bar for 4 sets before plates get loaded. If a competitive lifter wants to start with 135 or even 225, that's fine, but the first indication that we're about to have to perform a squat intervention is when a skinny guy starts with 135."Mark Rippetoe, TNation.com


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