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4th Of July 2011, first heat, Post-Workout Debriefing


 Dear Mark: Late Night Work Shifts   "You are starting from behind. Lifestyle stressors beset you on all sides. Your body’s abilities to recover and perform are dampened, and the last thing you want to do is add another couple heaping tablespoons of stress to the mix. As such, you must choose your workouts wisely. If it were me working night shifts for an extended period of time I’d mostly skip metabolic conditioning. No long CrossFit WODs, no extended Tabata sessions, no half marathons, nothing that spikes cortisol and leaves you breathless and on the verge of puking. Once a week sprints with full recovery? Sure. Long walks? Great. Heavy lifting? Go for it, but keep it heavy and intense and keep the volume low."Mark Sisson, Mark's Daily Apple


The Health Beef Over Barbecued Meat   "But all of these studies are observational, which means that they can't yet prove a link between charred meat consumption and cancer. "There is no smoking gun," Kabat said."Los Angeles Times

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