SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                     CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 Back Squat: 1X5 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 90%, 1X2 @ 95%, 1X2 @ 100% – rest 2:00-3:00 between sets.

Percentages based off your 3-rep max.


4 rounds for time of:

5 Muscle-Ups
10 Front Squats 135/95#
30 Double-Unders






Tim Noakes On The Serious Problem Of Overhydration In Endurance Sports  "South African exercise scientist Dr. Tim Noakes wants to change the way endurance athletes think about hydration. He believes that, over the course of the last 30 years, people have been scared into drinking too much fluid while exercising. As a result, he says performance has suffered and people have died. He’s counted a dozen deaths in endurance events caused by exercise-associated hyponatremia, a condition that results when athletes drink too much fluid."Joe Spring, Outside


Change The System, Not The Symptom     " What can be controlled, however, is what you do right now to shape your future environment so that the path of least resistance is the one you actually want yourself to take."-Craig Weller, Barefoot FTS

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