SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                  CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


21 Hang Power Clean (95/65#)

5 Burpee Long Jump

200 Meter Run

15 HPC (95/65#)

5 Burpee Long Jump

200 Meter Run

9 HPC (95/65#)

5 Burpee Long Jump

200 Meter Run






 7 Biggest Diet Myths   "A grazing habit degrades a person's internal guidance about when to eat, making it nearly impossible to tap into hunger and satiety cues, Lippert said. "If you can't remember the last time you were really hungry, that is not a good thing," she said.—Livescience.com

Grueling Race Puts Up Obstacles, Especially For One Man    "The Death Race is part of a circuit of obstacle-course competitions in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. known as "Spartan Races." They are as frustrating as they are physically grueling. Details of each Spartan Race course are kept secret so competitors can't specifically train for them.

Organizers force racers to do just about anything, including crawl through muddy troughs covered in barbed wire, jump through flames, solve puzzles, chop wood, carry water and learn Greek. It also helps to be very fast. The Death Race, the longest of the Spartan races, usually covers 45 miles. It lasts at least 24 hours, but has gone on for as long as 72. (Participants won't know exactly how long until it's over; they are given instructions during the race.)"—Reed Albergotti, Wall Street Journal OnLine


Spartan Performance (me, Lisa and Troy…so far) will be in attendance at the Spartan Race being held in Vermont on August 6th! 


Congratulations to Sean, aka Bronco and Amie on the birth of their daughter, Naomi!!!  Mom and baby are doing fine!


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