SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                 CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


Weighted pull-ups 3-3-3-3-3 reps






The Role Of Fighting In Primal Life   "What if fighting is a way to “tame the beast” within? By being aggressive for a short amount of time in a controlled environment where aggression is expected and understood, you satisfy the “need” for aggression. Remember that human aggression is probably an adaptive trait, a deep-seated holdover from the days when surviving and thriving meant killing things (and sometimes people) for food or territory."Mark Sisson, Mark's Daily Apple.com


Get Ripped. Get Walking    "Walking promotes blood flow, which has been shown to be very important in helping recovery from injuries. Some feel that walking also has a small spinal flossing effect that helps the nerves align optimally and thus conduct their electrical impulses in an ideal way. Ever hear someone say that a walk helps their stiff and sore muscles feel better? Now you know why."Tim Henriques for TNation.com

The author is correct on all his points, but we like walking for another reason:  It's one of the motor functions we were designed to perform.  Long walks are good for both the mind and the body.  Walking is also an activity we seem to be getting away from as technology advances–and that's too bad.  One thing I definitely disagree with is walking on a treadmill.  I understand a treadmill is convenient and in some places may be the only choice, but walking on a treadmill defeats some of the purpose of walking.  Walking should be about getting outside, stimulating the senses–exercising your long range vision.  That sort of stuff.–George


A Better World, Gi By Gi   “In 2010, I got the idea to travel around the world to train BJJ in any society and country I could get to in five months. The BJJ Globetrotter project was realized in 2011 and during the trip, I visited many gyms, where people (kids especially), trained with very, very little equipment and very simple facilities. During the trip and with exposure on my blog, I managed to coordinate several shipments of gis to gyms around the world, where they were highly needed. After coming home, I decided, that I would organize things more, which gave birth to the “give a gi” project.”Christian Graugart, Give A Gi

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