SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                   CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


10 minutes to establish a 1rep max Power Snatch


4 rounds for time of:

400 meter run

7 KB or DB snatch per arm







Wrapping It Up: The Whole 30   "So, in a nutshell, we learned this (it was more of a reminder, really…): we feel better, look better, and ARE BETTER when we eat simple, real, whole foods 100% of the time.  What a concept!

If you have never experienced a Whole30, YOU MUST.  If it’s been at least 6 months, YOU MUST AGAIN."Jennie Harrell, Easy Paleo


Must Have Resources (also from Easy Paleo)    Jennie Harrell, of Easy Paleo,  is a good Paleo resource!  Check out the information she provides and some of the recipe/cook books she's reviewed. 


How Exercise Could Lead To A Better Brain    "Exercise, the latest neuroscience suggests, does more to bolster thinking than thinking does."Gretchen Reynolds, NY Times

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