SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                 CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

For time:
Run 800 meters
Clean and Jerk, 30 reps
Run 800 meters


Hank (on the left) crossed the border into Suffolk County yesterday and wound up working out with us.  We were so pleased by his visit we wouldn't let him leave until he got his first Muscle-Up.  Lo and behold…he actually did it.  Hank did not one, but two Muscle-Ups….and that was after killing yesterday's WOD!!  Outstanding performance Hank!


Congratulations to Ana for getting her first kipping pull-ups!


DSC00025 (1)

Ric is back from the injured list in grand style.  He finished the deadlift workout from 2 days ago by pulling 365 lbs. for a set of 3 reps.  Yesterday he "warmed-up" with Fight Gone Bad, waited a few minutes then did yesterday's WOD in 6:41!

Speaking of yesterday's WOD…the top 5 finishers were:

Mike D.-   5:52

Hank-      5:57

Ric-         6:41

Andrew-  6:55

George-   7:04

Did anyone notice that the top two finishers are Kevin associates.  Hmmmm.  We're not sure how, but apparently just knowing Kevin can improve your performance.  Go figure!


Coffee May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease, Study Finds  Just another reason to consume coffee….not that we needed one!

To Stretch Or Not To Stretch

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