SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                       CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

15 minutes to establish a 1RM 3 Position Clean (ground, hang, hi-hang) & Jerk.


Run 400m
21 C2B Pullups
12 KB Thrusters 24/16kg
Run 400m
15 C2B Pullups
9 KB Thrusters 24/16kg
Run 400m
9 C2B Pullups
6 KB Thrusters

For time.

Notes: KB Thrusters should be performed with 2 KBs.


Ryan H.

It's upon us…………midnight tonight starts our 30 Day Paleo Challenge!  Make the commitment by getting your name on the participation list.  The list has several purposes: (1) It will help your commitment, (2) knowing the others participating will give you an idea of whom you can share tips with, recipes, complaints, frustrations and triumphs, and (3) we like to track the performance improvements, or lack thereof, according to the individual athlete.

We have provided the guidelines and links to helpful resources, in the last 2 weeks, to make this challenge successful and to facilitate your participation.  We encourage the sharing of resources not previously listed, resources for recipes, acquiring grass-fed "meat", acquiring local-grown vegetables,  helpful strategies, tips and the sharing of your personal experience with the Paleo Diet.



 Paleolithic MD: In Defense of Paleo: No Words Needed!


Next Monday, September 24th, begins the 6:30am-7:30am session, Monday through Friday.  Please let us know if you'll be attending.




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