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We're two weeks into our 30 Day Paleo Challenge!  Congratulations!  What are your thoughts so far?  What changes, if any, have you noticed?

While we have been slowly converting to Paleo for some time–long before the the Challenge, I cannot remember going without milk for a 2 week period ever.  We prefered lactose free milk when we did drink milk.  Quite honestly I don't feel much of a difference so I'm thinking as long as the lactose is removed from the milk it doesn't have much of an affect on my performance.  We're very appreciative of coconut milk for now! 

We do notice a big difference in sleep quality.  Since strictly eating according to the Paleo guidelines my sleep is much deeper.  

My overall feeling of well being is better.  My energy level is higher.  My workout performance has been improved slightly–I front squatted my PR weight and it actually felt "light", but I haven't noticed a difference in my endurance.  This will always be a difficult thing for me to measure as I rarely sleep for what's considered a healthy length of time.  Paleo may make you sleep with better quality, but you still have to get to bed at a decent time.   I'm considering a 30 Day Get-At-Least-8-Hours-Of-Sleep-A-Day Challenge.

 I'm very glad that I'm not overweight and I have no health issues.  I don't skimp on the walnuts, almonds and macadamia nuts or fruit.  Robb Wolf recommends going very light or without the nuts, seeds and fruit if you're trying to lose weight or if you have medical conditions. 

Please share your observations!


 My Intermittent Fasting Experience  "I actually started slowly. About a month ago I starting simply delaying breakfast until I felt quite hungry (but not so hungry that I was starving). Within a few days I found myself getting through to lunch with, really, no appreciable hunger at all. I’ve had abundant energy, and my brain seems to have functioned just as well as before – possibly better."–Dr. John Briffa


You Must Understand The Gravity Of Your Situation  "So, when we lift weights off the floor, the most obvious reaction to this is the floor pushing up against us in the vertical axis, against our feet. Actually, we are pushing down against the planet with a force that is equal to the weight of the bar plus a little more, and the planet is so big that it doesn’t care. And if the weight we are lifting, when expressed as a downward vector, does not translate through our mid-foot into the floor, we will be out of balance."—Steve Hill and Mark Rippetoe


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