SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
Rest 2 minutes


 Skill Work:

Kettlebell Snatch

Turkish Get-Up

Rope Climb


Lisa with plates on back


 An Interview With Self-Defense Expert Richard "Senshido" Demetri   "And the more I spread the message of “peace through the ripple effect of our very actions”, the more people listened.  Sure, some disagree, many are still stuck in a certain mold associated with the media’s portrayal of “heroes” or “anti-heroes”, but the real heroes are the everyday people out there doing some shit for the general betterment of humanity, each and every day. It’s the tiniest of actions that make a difference in people’s lives, and these actions all have positive ripple effects."—Richard Demetri


Strength Science     By Kyle Newell for Elite Fitness Systems

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