SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                 CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps


Kevin and Ryan…. Chillin'….for time!


Not satisfied with merely stepping over the barbell, Matt goes above and beyond with a twisting jump!




 Survival Of The Fittest  "I would argue that having power in your body gives one the power of belief in your mind.  At the point that we decided that, to save my car, we had to start digging through a large amount of silt and get it out before another shock completely broke the roads and made them impassable, there was no requirement for me to question whether I could dig for 3 hours to get it out… I didn't need to convince my mind.  I knew I had the physical capability and the mind followed."-Jamie Scott, That Paleo Guy (Thanks to Chris from Conditioning Research!)

Jamie Scott, in the above article, touches on one of my favorite topics and one of my favorite reasons for advocating intense training: survival.  Strength, conditioning and a "can-do" attitude will often determine who lives and who dies in a life and death situation.  Unlike sports, you'll never know when you'll need the training or exactly what the situation will be.  CrossFit is the perfect solution for survival in an imperfect world.—George


Speaking of survival….we believe self-defense, self-protection, combatives, however you'd like to refer to surviving a violent encounter, is a subject of human performance.  Thus, you're likely to see posts about such things right here on this blog!  Today's re-post comes from Low Tech Combat.  Adam from Low Tech Combat does a great job bringing the world of "Self Protection, Martial Arts, Reality Based Self Defence (RBSD), Combat Sports & Strength & Conditioning" to others through his blog.  The series on edged weapon defense is one of the best we've seen and we've been a student of this subject for over twenty years!  Check out What Does The 21 Foot Rule For Defending Against A knife Mean For Non-Military/Law Enforcement?


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