SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                               CROSSFIT SUFFOLK



1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups


Mike M.,….representing Spartan Performance on Catalina Island, California

Mike Miller at Catalina Island


Starting Brazilian Jiu-jitsu At Sixty Years Of Age   "Well, if a sixty year old retiree like me can begin the sport and be reasonably successful, why not give it a try? It is really fun and very motivating to improve your overall conditioning, flexibility and physical strength, not to mention your confidence level and feelings of accomplishment!"Ormond Morford

Tanning Can Cause Cancer, But Not Tanning Can cause A Lot Worse   "But starting a century ago, everything changed. First, the United States and Europe went from a mostly outdoors agrarian society to a mostly indoors manufacturing one. Then people started driving around in vehicles surrounded by windows. Glass prevents any vitamin D production because it blocks the Sun's UV. When air-conditioning became widely available starting in the late 1950s and then got cheaper in the 1970s, people stopped keeping their windows open. Fixed- pane units became increasingly popular. The only sunlight that reached us in our homes and workplaces came through UV-stopping glass.

The last straw was sunblock. It did not even exist until thirty years ago. The initial UV- reducing creams, which cut exposure only in half, were marketed in the 1950s to promote tanning, not totally screen out ultraviolet rays. Then, in the 1980s, a new product came on the market: sunblock. With SPF (sun protection factor) numbers such as 30 and 45, sunblock essentially stops the body's vitamin D production cold. At the same time, people were advised to cover themselves with these lotions throughout the summer months. Even the medical establishment urged hiding from the Sun as a way to counter skin cancer."—-Andrew Tarantola, Life Hacker

Fairy Dust    "The second trick behind fairy dusting is to use what is termed a "Proprietary Blend." In theory, this refers to a blend of several substances existing in proportions that the manufacturer doesn't want to reveal out of concerns of other companies stealing their recipes. Using the proprietary blend label allows the manufacturers to list the ingredients in their secret formula without giving away exactly how it is made.

In reality, this allows companies to toss a bunch of good-sounding stuff together without the pesky constraint of revealing if it's in a dosage that will actually have a beneficial effect."—Craig Weller, Barefoot Fitness

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