5 rounds for time of:

Hang power snatch, 5 reps

Box jumps, 10 reps



If you're not sure in which town Spartan Performance is located raise your hands and make a funny face!  (We apologize for the inside joke and will resume with "regular" captions that everyone can enjoy in the near future.  Thanks for your patience.)



Paleo is EXPENSIVE!!!   Hippy Excuse for Failure #1: I can’t find grass-fed meat…so I’ll eat a bagel.

Hippy Excuse for Failure #2: I can’t find organic produce…so I’ll eat a bagel.

Substitute Afford” for the word “find” above and we have the same story. I can’t tell you where your value system should start or stop, but I will definitely tell you when you are sh*tting the bed with faulty logic.Robb Wolf


Fat Loss Nutrition   "Unfortunately, the why – the science behind simple practical recommendations – can get pretty complex. However, it's a worthwhile endeavor to learn a little bit. It gives you the knowledge-base necessary to separate fact from the brown stuff that comes out of a bull's backside. It helps you stick to the fundamentals of physique enhancement and not get pulled off track by highly intelligent theorists, but equally lacking in real world practical experience."Nate Miyaki for TNation.com


On Saturday, October 29th we'll be heading over to CrossFit Stony Brook to participate in Barbells For Boobs, a fundraiser workout to raise money for Mammograms In Action!  If you're reading this then you're invited.  You're invited even if you're not reading this!!  Come out and support the cause.  LET US KNOW IF YOU'RE GOING OR IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.


Barbells for boobs

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